About the Vepjulilja Privacy Protection System

Attack and Defence

Icelandic Vepjulila, pronounced Vepiylillia [ˈvɛːpjʏlɪlja], is the plant Fritillaria meleagris, in german Schachblume (chess flower). The protection of privacy and company information is a area of tension between continuous attack and defence, similar to chess. Hence the chess flower, it's blossom shows a pattern similar to a chess board in purple and white, is the eponym of this system for protection of privacy from breach and company information from theft.

Protection for Privacy and Company Information

Vepjulilja is designed to protect privacy and company information from all attackers, particularly from statist, as these must be currently considered as the strongest attackers. A system, which doesn't protect from all and not from the strongest attacker, is influenced by him, makes compromises on the security in favour of other abilities and provides only a part of the necessary protection and hence allows attacks on the protected good, as it is predominantly encountered today, is insecure. For this reason Vepjulilja was devised without statist manipulated specifications, like standards or surveillance laws and without deliberately incorporated weaknesses, like restricted choice and configuration options, manipulated key lengths, pseudo randomness or backdoors, considers not only partial aspects but the aggregate of the necessary protection measures, to fend off also side-channel attacks, and makes no compromises on the security.

Vepjulilja was explicitly devised for the protection of privacy and company information in unsecure environments, as their security is not completely controllable by the user, and consist primarily of towards established security solutions significantly refined encryption, obfuscation and extremly against unauthorised access protected hard- and software together with a local and global anonymisation component. This combination ensures protection at the inevitably areal accessability of the computer's location and the use of insecure communication channels, like wire-tapped data cables or infiltrated network components.

Proceed to further information about the threat to privacy and company information by different attackers and the resulting damage potential.

Vepjulilja Licence

Hard- and software are open source. The private use is free. The entrepreneurial use is free under the same licence. The state use and the entrepreneurial use in favour of states is forbidden.

Other's hard- and software components are subject to the licence of the respective author.